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OGIS recognizes the need for clients to have a reliable source of supply of quality petroleum products at estimated time of arrival.Navy clearance for all supplied products are obtained quickly.We have arrangements (Trucks,vessels etc) to ensure an efficient,reliable supply of AGO(Diesel),DPK (Kerosene) and PMS (Petrol) to both offshore and onshore location with a capacity ranging from [10 cubic meter – 10,000 cubic meter] to our clientele.We make imperative that our trucks and vessels are in top notch condition with highly skilled experts who engage in proper maintenance of our transport system.


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Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) has proven to be one of the sought-after fuels which is used for powering heavy duty vehicles, farming machineries etc. We at OGIS provide stress-less delivery of AGO to Warri, Portharcourt and Lagos.

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With several laboratory results on hand to back up our claims, our Premium Motor oil(Petrol) passes the test of global practices.

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OGIS realized the vital role Dual Purpose Kerosene plays in household cooking activities, so we strive to out place the high demands with quality DPK delivery on time from close and far proximity.


















Drilling companies are always in need of AGO, MGO, for their heavy-duty machineries are always available for quick deliveries.


We also recognize the importance the construction industry plays in the economy, as we have a list of clients in this field in which we supply petroleum products.


Everyday Manufacturing industries are continuously in need of AGO, to power their machineries, industrial equipment to facilitate operations.












Banks are constantly in need of AGO(Diesel), due to their consistent usage of this fuel, OGIS is always available for quick supply to meet their needs.


Major eateries are always in need of AGO to power their heavy-duty generators, to ensure the preservation of food items and storage of cold food at appropriate temperatures.








As an organization, expansion and growth is expected leading to an increase in number of employees and processes, hence a more dependable structure for management processes is to be introduced to ensure efficient and accurate results.
OFURE GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED provides consultancy services, outsourcing and general contract (COG), which have been pre-packaged into plans offering HR solutions to firms in diverse industry and can also provide customized plans and packages tailored to fit the specific needs of your firm, that is to say, we have got you covered.


OGIS CONSULTANCY SERVICES provides an opportunity for clients to seek guidance from our consultants and other key figures in the oil & gas and marine servicing industry. We offer consultancy concerning ;

  • Downstream Start-up in oil and gas industry.
  • Renewing Government Certification.
  • Bidding for contracts.
  • Information and communication technology security.
  • Human resource Management system.


OFURE GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED are seen to be one of the most promising agencies mainly in the field of recruitment whether temporary(temp-to-hire), contract staff or permanent staff. One can’t stress enough the importance of square pegs in square holes (having the right personnel in a particular position) that’s why we provide proper staff that meet the requirement of our client and can adapt to client work ethics. From the formal sectors of Manufacturing to Logistics to Marine and Banking to the informal sectors of Fast foods, Restaurants, Hotels staff and familiar brands. OGIS stands tall in all these fields and more.

With experience staffs well drilled in the act of due diligence procedures in place and a team that’s focused on certification verification, you can never get it wrong with us providing your manpower activities. On offer is Temp-to-hire, Full time, as well as contract staffing solutions to clients. Our services cover all aspects of recruitment and starts with the SOURCING & HIRING- QUALIFICATION VERIFICATION- INTERVIEWS- TRAINING- INDUCTIONS. Bottomline is that we get you the right personnel for all designations at all levels, from entry level trainees to top executive personnel.


This is also part of OGIS HR CONSULTANCY, for more info, click on GENERAL CONTRACT.


On many levels it pays to do business with us in terms of outsourcing and HR solutions, because its cost effective and you tend to save more financially. With us handling your HR services creates an ample free time for your organization to engage on other company activities knowing that your well guided and secured with our professional services at your beck and call. Our flexible packages on offer is backed with proven business experience and professional approach that positions us to provide on ground or virtual(online) support. OGIS consultancy services can provide you with support that best meets with your business budget and needs. They are;


Here is first pre-packaged plan and it has the following;

Consultancy(basic level)

Outsourcing(basic level)-recruitment & selection


This is the second tier of our packages and its has all but a few of the services of our premium package.
Due diligence process
General contract
Renewing government certification
Bidding for contracts
Salary payroll services
Temp-to-hire arrangement
Document/Certification verification


HR Software update/web management
Security auditing for client firms
Training and retaining of employees
Security vetting
Due diligence process
Holding press conferences and release of press statement
Salary Payroll services
Document/certification verification
Temp-to-hire arrangement
Liase with government agencies & regulatory bodies

We're always looking for smart, driven people to join our Team

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OGIS provides vessel supply services such as dock boards, renting barges, tug boats, and supply vessels.
We are responsible for the flow of vessel materials/equipment from suppliers through operations within our organization and then out to clients. We are committed to providing high-quality machines/equipment to major Oil and Gas companies in a safe and efficient manner.




















We provide our clients with quality procurement services of:
Petroleum products which include Automotive Gas Oil [AGO], Marine Gas Oil [MGO], Premium Motor Oil [PMS], and Dual-Purpose Kerosene[DPK].
Marine equipment such as pumps, valve fittings, pipes, engine parts, barge plate, marine rope, anchor, etc.


In the corporate world, business relationships or partnerships or collaborations are most of the times sealed with legally binding contracts or MOUs. Our interest is to serve you better hereby preparing your employee contract documents with air tight clauses and very clear terms and conditions to suit your interest whilst abiding by Nigeria Labor Act. Also with agreements between employers and employees, we have the skilled sets of drafting out legally binding contracts for both parties.

Below are a core aspects of services rendered at with regards to setting up guild lines or companies constitutions/regulations.

Employment law.
Absence management.
Disciplinary and grievance.
Performance management and appraisal steps. Reward management.

Also high on our services on offer is a wide array of policies set up and documentation from our team of experienced staffs, thus as follows;







Contract of employment.
Employee handbook.
Development, review and implementation of HR policies.
Job descriptions and person specifications.
Organization design and structures.

Operational Strategy

OGIS aims to enter into strategic partnerships with qualified marine Contractors, Offshore Equipment Assets Owners and Operators in Worldwide to help in building the necessary institutional capacity for meaningful Local Content Development in the Oil & Gas Services and Marine Equipment Provision industry in Nigeria.

Competitive Advantage

Other Subsidiary Companies

Kester and Sons Marine Services

Kester and Sons Marine Services Limited is an indigenous Nigerian company registered on the 15th of August, 2019, led by a seasoned and professional team with top notch expertise in Marine logistics, Vessel Charter services, and Transshipment, Bunkering and Offshore operations.

We aim to utilize a blend of the best local and world-class skills and technology available, as well as provide access to the required level of finance to deliver superior value to the Oil and Gas industry. The company aims to play an active role in any joint venture and will contribute local resources as required for the Joint Venture or Partnership.



African Child Foundation

Award of Integrity in Corporate Business by the African Child Foundation

Garden City Advancement

Award of excellence in business innovation by Garden city advancement awards

Delta Heritage Awards

Award and recognition for partnership and never ending support of the Delta Heritage awards

Africa Advancement Award

Africa Advancement Award by Africa Advancement Forum in the United Kingdom (UK)